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Nintendo is developing a Legend of Zelda game for mobiles

Nintendo is developing a Legend of Zelda game for smartphones, according to a report fromThe Wall Street Journal. The game is likely to be released following the upcoming mobile version of Animal Crossing, which is expected to arrive sometime this year. Nintendo CEO Tatsumi Kimishima said last month that the company plans to release two to three new smartphone games in the financial year ending March 2018.

The report doesn’t offer any details on the new Zelda title, nor whether it be paid like Super Mario Run or free like the Fire Emblem Heroes, This Zelda game is going to be Nintendo’s fourth mobile game following these two games that we mentioned and Animal Crossing. And, the name of the franchise alone will be enough to get everyone excited for the game.

Making the relatively complex controls of a Zelda game work well on a smartphone could prove a challenge, though Nintendo did create two full-on Zelda titles for the DS that were entirely controlled by touch: Phantom Hourglass and Spirit Tracks.

The Legend of Zelda’s critical standing is currently very high, we all know about the hugely successful Breath of the Wild for Nintendo’s new Switch and older Wii U consoles, as well as the inventive A Link Between Worlds for 3DS a few years previously.

Nintendo makes really good games, and we guarantee that this game will be great even on touch controls.


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