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Microsoft will unveil new Surface Pro next week

Microsoft is really looking to own the month of May when it comes to official press events. We already witnessed two of them in May, including a Surface Laptop event and its Build 2017 conference and we can say Microsoft rocked them, but Microsoft is not done yet as it has a third event scheduled for next week, on May 23rd in Shanghai, China.


And a new leak clearly shows that Microsoft’s next-gen Surface Pro tablet/laptop will be the center of the upcoming event. Microsoft has already sent invites to the press and weeks ago it also posted on its official Twitter handle.

Everyone’s favorite @evleaks showed a multiple images of a tablet-cum-laptop device which looks like the followup to Microsoft’s Surface Pro 4.

According to Blass, the new device is now called the “Surface Pro”, and it is expected to announce in Shanghai on Tuesday, May 23rd.

The next-gen Surface Pro will not bring over a major redesign, Blass explains on VentureBeat.

There’s not much new on the outside to speak of. There’s also no USB-C port that we can see, just like the Surface Laptop announced a few weeks ago. Simply put, it seems Microsoft doesn’t think that the new connector is a must for the devices as the port isn’t ready for the world.


Blass didn’t provided any details about internal hardware changes of the tablet/laptop, but he does mentions that device will come with new colors for the pen and keyboard accessories that will be similar but not identical to the new Surface Laptop‘s colors which was launched recently.

However internal changes that we are expecting are a new Intel Kaby Lake processor which should enhance battery life and processing power with better multimedia capabilities.


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