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New Pokemon Game Magikarp Jump is available on iOS and Android 

A new Pokemon mobile game is launched, it’s about Magikarp which is one of the useless Pokemon for years.
Magikarp Jump is out right now for iOS and Android, and it has got little in common with the last big Pokémon smartphone success – Pokémon Go. In this Players catch a variety of Magikarp, which they can then train up to go prove their worth. These aren’t traditional Pokémon battles that the Magikarp are competing in, though.

Instead, Magikarp Jump is all about making Magikarp jump.

That’s probably a more fitting activity for the Pokémon, since it typically only knows one move, the mostly useless Splash attack. Magikarp Jump’s focus on another kind of competition is a smart move, as it finally gives the maligned fish monster a chance to show that it has some admirable qualities.

Outside of all that jumping, players have to care for their Pokémon by feeding them and decorating their aquarium. There are even some guest appearances from Pokémon like Pikachu, Litten and Snorlax, who help boost Magikarp’s jump power, training speed and food supply.

Magikarp Jump is now available on both the App Store and Google Play store. The game is free to play with microtransactions. You can download it right now.


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