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Super Mario Odyssey release date announced at E3 2017 along with a new trailer

At E3 2017, Nintendo gave us first look at Super Mario Odyssey since the Nintendo Switch launch event in January 2017. The Nintendo at E3 showed a mix of cinematic and gameplay footage of the game. You can find the trailer below.

H2x1_NSwitch_SuperMarioOdyssey (2).jpg

The gameplay footage focused heavily on Mario’s hat, which he uses to progress in the game. He can throw his hat at some enemies and make them friendly, which seems like a pretty interesting mechanic. This is because his hat helps him control massive dinosaurs, taxis, and even a whole bunch of goombas at once.

Nintendo said that Super Mario Odyssey is going to be release on October 27, 2017, which was a fine way to finish its E3 2017 presentation.

Here take a look at Super Mario Odyssey trailer:

The footage also showed various worlds in Super Mario Odyssey. There are some levels in the Mushroom Kingdom, while others in proper human cities as evidenced by the taxi that Mario controls with his hat.

While Nintendo had announced that Mario’s hat will play a crucial role, this trailer made it abundantly clear the Super Mario Odyssey’s gameplay revolves entirely around how well you can make use of the hat. And the maps of Super Mario Odyssey are bigger than ever.

It’s a 3D game like Super Mario 64 and Super Mario Sunshine which has a bit of an isometric feel to it thanks to the camera being diagonally above Mario. You traverse across colourful levels and even control enemies such as Bullet Bill, Koopa Troopa, Goomba and more.

Super Mario Odyssey’s colourful levels.

The trailer looked a lot of fun, and obviously we have high expectations from this game. October 27 is the perfect time to release this game as it falls in line with the US holiday season.

We think that Nintendo might bundle Super Mario Odyssey bundle with Nintendo Switch, in order to boost the console’s sales during the holidays.




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