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Facebook is bringing ads to its Facebook Messenger

Facebook is working on bringing ads into its own chat app, the Facebook Messenger. As you may know, there are tons of ads on Facebook. So with that in mind, this news really isn’t all that surprising.

These adverts will show up inside the home screen of Messenger app, where you currently see your most recent chats.

The look of the ads will be tightly integrated into the design of the app so that they don’t stand out too much, but the amount of vertical space they take up, which is roughly equivalent to three chats is too much to get unnoticed, as you can see from the screenshots below.

facebook ads.jpg
Facebook Messenger ads

Facebook says Messenger users worldwide could be seeing ads within the next few weeks. However, the complete rollout may take until the end of the year to conclude, so if you’re lucky you’ll have that long to get used to the idea.

Testing for this feature actually begun in January 2017, but only in Australia and Thailand.

Facebook expects most ads in Messenger to lead to opening conversational threads inside the app, either with a human or a bot. However, companies are also free to direct you to external destinations such as their websites once you tap on an ad.

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