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Google Pixel 2 XL render reveals its design and more

An early render of the upcoming Google Pixel 2 XL smartphone has been posted by AndoidPolice, which will be manufactured by LG this time.

The render in question is of the bigger or “XL” model and all details mentioned pertain only to this particular variant, not the smaller one.

At first glance the phone looks similar to the current Google Pixel XL but there are many differences to consider.

On the front is an 6-inch AMOLED display which is made by LG, with 18:9 aspect ratio. The glass on the front has curved edges but this phone does not have a curved display. The screen itself is flat is is not like the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 or Galaxy Note 7.

And like the LG G6 and the Samsung Galaxy S8, the phone has very thin bezels on the front (making space for big display in relatively smaller phone) but isn’t quite bezel-less like the Essential Phone or Mi MIX.

Google Pixel 2 XL render by AndroidPolice

On the back the new phone has a glass area near the top but it’s much smaller this time around. There is a single camera lens at the top along with LED flash and the fingerprint sensor is placed outside the glass area this time.

The phone has no visible antenna lines in the render. The headphone jack is not visible in these shots but that doesn’t confirm its presence or absence.

Reportedly, the phone will also have squeeze functionality similar to the HTC U11’s Edge Sense. This will let you squeeze the phone from sides and access multiple functions, such as Google Assistant.

Android Police also noted that this is not the final design of the device and some things could change when the device will release date later this year.

Also, this design might not apply to the smaller model ‘Pixel 2’, which could have a different design.

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