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Take a first look at LG V30’s new front render

Just few hours after LG itself confirmed that the V30 will sport a FullVision 18:9 ratio plastic-OLED display. We got to see V30 flagship’s complete front render image based on the design tease by LG itself.

Given that the wallpaper is from an old iPhone one, the image probably doesn’t come from an official source, but there are very high chances that it’s close to the real deal. It’s likely built following the curve of the teaser from earlier and the proportions from the G6 for the top.

LVV30 mobile.png
LG V30 Render Image

The render shows a continuation of the design of the LG G6 with slim bezels and rounded screen corners. The display will be edge-to-edge similar to the Samsung’s Galaxy S8 smartphones. Do note that it will not be as curved as the Samsung one.

Take a look a the image comparing LG V30’s front with LG G6 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

LG V30.png
LG G6 (Left), LG V30 (middle) and Samsung Galaxy S8 (Right)

The LG V30 will be launched on August 31 at an event in Berlin. It is going to be the best smartphone LG ever made in terms of design, build, features and performance. You can call it a true flagship smartphone. We are really excited to see its display, it seems year 2017 is all about displays – HDR, wide color gamut, curved displays, full front displays, new aspect ratios and some companies are even trying to embed fingerprint sensor into the display itself.

Every company is doing their best to make a smartphone with superior display. It’s a win for everybody.


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