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New Injustice 2 update adds “Bizarro Superman” premier skin to the game

The latest Injustice 2 update has brought with it a new Premier skin for Superman, and the new skn takes things a bit further than usual.

The new Bizarro skin gives Superman the look of his doppelganger and flips the “S” on his suit and cape. 

Plus, the new skin also modifies Superman’s abilities. 

For example, one ability now burns enemies instead of freezing them, while the lasers he shoots from his eyes now look like an ice attack rather than a solar one.

However, his Super ability is the same as the normal Superman, although he has new voice and dialogue at the end of it. 

And seeing two Bizarro skins have a conversation against each other is pretty hilarious: “You Bizarro new best friend,” one says, to which the other replies, “Bizarro need not worst friend,” prompting the first to go, “Why am you so polite!?” It’s quite the scene.

You can see many of these voicelines and modified abilities in the gameplay video above. The Bizarro skin–based on the character that has been in the comics since 1958–is available now as part of the latest patch. 

Like other Premier skins, it costs 6,000 Source Crystals.

Along the new costume, the Injustice 2’s August update deals primarily with balance changes and bug fixes. 

There is also a third DLC character, Starfire, and she is coming to the game in August.


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