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Android O release date is near, could release in a week

Now, Android O has been under development for months.

And there are four developer beta builds available for those that want to try it. Google is working really hard on improving the Android OS.

But there is no official information from the company on when it will be launch the Android O and what ‘O’ will stand for.  However there are rumours that it will be called Octopus but we don’t think that it will be the case.

According to David Ruddock, Android Police, Managing editor, the official update of Android O is about to roll out within a week.

According to phoneArena, David is a reliable source and isn’t stating this at a whim. He first claimed this back at the beginning of June, citing a source which he claims is reliable.

He tweeted that Pixel smartphones should receive the official Android O update within a week. 

When someone asked him what O stands for he replied on his tweet, “As to what that means for Android O getting a damn name, I have no freakin clue”. David has also mentioned in his tweet that the Android update might be pushed further, which means that it may not come next week.

You should, however, these rumors aren’t reliable so just don’t fill yourself with ton of hope to see update on your Pixel smartphone in the coming week. Because there is no official information, we cannot be absolutely sure about the launch of Android O. 

Google can push the updates further if they think the update needs more work. Although, the timing for the launch of Android O feels appropriate though. 

Last year, on August 22, Google launched Android 7.0 Nougat for its Nexus devices. So this month could be the time when Google launches Android O.

Even if Android O is released this month, don’t expect it to reach your handsets just yet, except if you own a Google Pixel or Pixel XL.

Do note if it launched launch next week for Pixel smartphones then it could mean many flagship handsets receiving the Android O update before the end of the year. The update usually gets released after a few months or more for other phones if they receive it at all.


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