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How to find your lost iPhone or erase it if needed

So, it has come to the point that you try to grab your your precious phone from the pocket or place where you think it is and realize it’s not where you left it.

And after a lot of searching here and there, now you know that your beloved device is gone, and you have no idea where you lost it.

Now that we rely on our smartphones for everything from checking bank balances to managing tasks, a lost one can create a huge headache. And we’re not just talking about missing out on Facebook updates. Without your pocket computer, you lose touch with your family and friends, risk missing work commitments, and have your travel plans thrown into chaos.

You need to recover your missing phone as soon as possible. The good news is that your iPhone has app to help you. However, the bad news is that these apps need to be set up in advance before your device is lost.

Before we begin, we believe that you’re reading this because your phone is missing, but if you haven’t already configured a recovery app, then we can’t help you.

But look in the last place you remember seeing it and ask one of your friends to call the number.

Now, let’s get started!

How to find your lost iPhone

Apple has built an iPhone searching tool right into the iOS operating system.

The Find My iPhone, which lets you track down a missing iPhone or iPad, relies on your Apple ID—so make sure to memorize your password or write it in a reputable password manager or somewhere very safe.

To set up this Find my iPhone, open Settings on your iPhone, tap your name at the top of the screen, then hit the menu entry that lists your iPhone as one of the devices connected to your Apple ID. Then enable both the Find My iPhone and Send Last Location toggle switches in this menu.

To recover a lost phone, you also need to make sure that your handset has enabled Location Services – this is a must. This should already be on, but you can check by opening Settings and tapping Privacy and Location Services. Once you’ve enabled these settings, you can go on with your daily life…until your iPhone wanders out of your possession.

So, what to do when your iPhone is missing:

First, open up a web browser on any computer and go to, then log in with your Apple ID.

Or just grab another Apple device, such as a laptop or iPad, sign in with your Apple ID, and load up the secondary device’s own version of the Find My iPhone app.

The next screen will show you a map, with a dot marking the location of your iPhone, as well as any other devices you’ve registered.

A pop-up dialog can reveal the phone’s battery level, as well as the date and time when the iPhone last reported its position. So if the last check-in occurred a while ago, its battery may have died or someone may have switched it off. In this case, the location on the map could be outdated, because a phone can’t report its new whereabouts while it’s turned off.

In addition to checking in with your phone, Find My iPhone lets you interact with it. If the map tells your the phone is somewhere in your home, for example, you can click Play Sound to make the phone ring (even if the volume is muted).

If the phone is shown elsewhere and you believe that it’s might be in wrong hands, then you can take more extreme measures by clicking Lost Mode.

Lost mode remotely locks your device and displays a message of your choice for any strangers who might pick it up on the street or in a restaurant. It also prevents the phone from making any Apple Pay purchases.

Putting your phone in Lost Mode should be enough to prevent a thief from accessing it.

But if your handset has made its way to a location you’ve never visited, and you’re worried that your data will fall into the wrong hands, you can employ the Erase iPhone option as a last resort. This will remotely wipe everything on your device.

It will ensure the safety of your data even if your phone never makes its way back to you.

Don’t worry, if you do get your hands on it again, you can restore the device from an iTunes or iCloud backup. You can even restore your local or cloud backup to a new iPhone.

Note: If your phone’s been stolen, we do not recommend that you track it down on your own. For your own safety, contact your local law enforcement agency and hand over any of the information your phone finding app provided, rather than taking matters into your own hands


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