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Google brings front camera flash to its Camera app

Google has rolled out a new update to its Camera app that upgrades its version to 4.4. 

Among the key changes the update brings along, is the Selfie Flash feature that’s aimed at improving your low-light selfies.
To access the functionality while taking a selfie, just make sure the Flash option is set to automatic or on.

After turning on the flash when you capture the image, the app will produce a little extra light, simulating flash. 

The similar feature is already present in many Android and iPhones smartphones.

And yes,  you may observe a yellowish-brown color light glow covering the entire screen after you touch the click icon and before your captured image shows up as the glow will work as flash and it will glow with full brightness.

Yellowish glow when taking the selfie with flash on

Aside from this feature, there are some additional changes included on the new update as well, like double tap to zoom, and swipe to toggle between capturing video and still images. 

Do note that only those with Pixel and Nexus smartphones running Android 7.1.1 (and up) will be able to use these new features as of yet.


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