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Google Pixel 2 details revealed via FCC Filing

There has been a lot of confusion regarding who will be the one responsible for making the Google Pixel 2 handsets.

Some rumors are suggesting that HTC will continue to make the flagship Google phones, while somehave suggested LG. However thanks to a recent filing at the FCC by HTC, it seems that HTC will be the manufacturer, and some details have also been revealed.

According to the FCC filing, for starters it seems like the Pixel 2 will be made by HTC, however given that Google is expected to launch two Pixel 2 handsets, perhaps we could be looking at Nexus 5X/6P situation where both phones are made by different companies, but for now we can say that HTC will be making at least one of them.

Also what’s interesting is that in the filing, there is mention of a feature called “Active Edge” which has been speculated to be similar to the squeezable frame feature in the HTC U11, except in this case it seems that squeezing the phone’s edges will launch Google Assistant, which is actually not a bad idea.

The Pixel 2 smartphone will most likely pack 64GB of inbuilt storage, a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 chipset.

It also appears to be running on Android 8.0.1 with August 5, 2017 security patch.

We reckon it probably won’t be too long until the more concrete details of the Pixel 2 are revealed, so stay connected with us in the near future for more updates.


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