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Xiaomi may bring Android One smartphone to the market 

If you don’t know already, Google’s Android One project is aimed to bring stock Android experience for budget markets like India and Africa and it may be re-introduced in a Xiaomi smartphone according to a recent report by krispitech.

Xiaomi had launched its Mi 5X smartphone in the Chinese market on 26 July, 2017. However, the phone has been spotted at an Indonesian telecom certifying agency called POSTEL. 

The report showed that the software had been designed by Google and also that the security features and apps from Google could be accessed by Android One. This could mean that the Xiaomi may plan to join hands with Google’s Android One project giving its phones stock Android experience rather than running on the traditional MIUI.

This report have been generated by the sources which are not verified and they do not have more information about the same, and it is a speculation based on the listing shown above. 

It is believed that the phone may not be called the Xiaomi Mi 5X but is rumoured to be called Xiaomi A1 instead.

The report, however, states that this new Android One Xiaomi phone (A1) will  have the 5.5-inch display, dual rear camera and dual-SIM slot of the Xiaomi 5X model. There are no reports of when this phone may eventually launch or the markets the company is targeting.
Google’s Android One project started ambitiously in 2014 aiming to provide the stock Android experience on affordable smartphones that could remain smart even on the low prices. The launch of this project, however, could not garner the support needed from the consumers of budget smartphones and the project eventually lost its spark.
This new rumoured partnership could perhaps make us see the quality budget smartphones of Xiaomi teamed up with Google’s stock Android experience and revive the Android One project.


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