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HP’s new overclockable “Omen X” gaming laptop is very powerful

When looking a high-end gaming desktop, you expect certain things which are, lots of overclocking potential, expansion, a mechanical keyboard, a good CPU and GPU… and, of course, windows and RGB lighting to show it off. Some laptops already include a few of those features, but not all of them.

Finding all the things in a laptop was a rare thing – until now.

HP is unveils its first laptop with Omen X branding, it is first proper Omen Laptop, and this laptop is built for one thing which is gaming, HP built Omen X for gamers who can’t bear to part with what they’re used to on desktops.

This large laptop by HP got everything a gaming system needs.

HP Omen X is a 17-inch system, it features vapor chamber cooling and high-powered fans which are good enough to allow both your own processor overclocking (unlocked Core i7), memory overclocking and factory-overclocked graphics chips up to the GeForce GTX 1080.

Plus, There’s a single panel on the laptop that offers easy access to the RAM, storage and other user-replaceable parts.

There’s a mechanical keyboard with programmable macros, too. And even compared to many other gaming laptops, it’s flashy — on top of per-key RGB lighting on the keyboard, there’s a translucent window to let you see inside. It’s not a slouch in other areas.

You can choose between either a 1080p 120Hz (with G-Sync) or 4K depending on whether you prioritize frame rates or sheer pixel density.

There’s DTS Headphone support for simulated surround sound, a RAID 0 option for faster storage, Bang & Olufsen-tuned inbuilt speakers and a number of ports that include two Thunderbolt 3 connectors and a headset-ready dual audio jack.

The Omen X Laptop should reach Europe, the Middle East and Africa sometime in November for €2,799 (about $3,300).

Currently there are no details from the company about the launch of the laptop in other markers but we believe HP is going to bring the gaming beast to other markets as soon as possible. The price definitely isn’t outlandish for an all-out gaming laptop (that’s Acer’s territory), but nor would we call it a tremendous value — as with most systems like this, it’s about performance and quality above all else.

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