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WhatsApp added simple text-based Status updates

WhatsApp has updated its Status feature to allow users to just post text-based status updates for their friends to see. 

Instead of having a photo or video as your status, you can now just type text or even insert a URL. Users will be able to customize the font and background’s colour.

WhatsApp Status was originally a feature where users only had text based status messages that would be visible next to their names in the contacts list.

But, when Facebook decided to copy the Snapchat Story and decided to add stories to everything including WhatsApp and Instagram.

The basic WhatsApp Status feature was upgraded to Instagram/Snapchat style stories where users could upload images or videos for their friends to see. 

You can say the feature has now come full circle, eventually letting users to share text again like they used to but in a different way.

As with regular Status stories, you can choose who can see the text status and also see who has seen your message.


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