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LG highlights main features of the V30 UX on official video

The LG V30 was announced by LG this week at IFA in Berlin, killing secondary display that was a staple of the V-series previously. 

All is not lost, LG wants to convince you in a new video put up on YouTube. It details key features of the LG UX on the V30 – among them the floating bar that’s meant to replace part of the secondary screen’s functionality.

The floating bar contains capture and draw tools, including a GIF maker. App shortcuts can also be accessed from there, as well as a music player, contacts, and call handling. The always on display is mentioned in the video too, a feature much better suited to the AMOLED display of the V30 than the LCD display of LG G6.

LG also brings your attention to a whole lot of camera goodies. Like you get point zoom and cine effect, as well as a video editor – for your video working. 

Coming to the images, a newly added Graphy feature lets you use manual mode settings provided by other users, supposedly better photographers than yourselves.

The quad DAC on board the V30 comes with software presets and filters of its own. App shortcuts are the contextual menus that pop up upon a long press giving you quick access to the most used functions. To get there you can unlock the phone with voice recognition using an entirely custom phrase of your own. 

Lastly there is Google Assistant present in the device to help with tasks you can’t waste your time to type.

There is also Game tools, and those can do pretty much the same things like Samsung’s existing identically named set of tool which are locking keys, recording, managing memory and notifications.

Take a look yourself in the video published by LG below.


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