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Google Assistant Go app released on Play Store

Increasing the number of lightweight apps suitable for its Android Oreo (Go edition), Google has released the Assistant Go app on Play store.

The Google Assistant Go app is similar to the original Google Assistant in terms of features and functionalities, albeit it comes with a smaller app size that’s suited for the light weight Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphones, which are yet to be launched.

It joins the ranks of other Android Oreo (Go edition) apps such as Files Go, YouTube Go, Google Go, and Maps Go among others.

The Google Assistant Go is now available for download from Google Play store and the app currently supports international languages that include English, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese, Spanish, and Thai.

Plus, the support for Hindi is yet to arrive in the app, which is expected sooner if the recent developments around the original Google Assistant are anything to go by.

This data-efficient version of Google Assistant is meant for smartphones with 1GB RAM or less, forming a larger suite of apps that will be available for the Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphones at the time of launch. Recent reports suggest that Micromax and Reliance Jio could be working on a entry level Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphone.

The lighter version of Google Assistant, Google Assistant Go app will majorly depend on the functionalities supported by the Google Search app.

As we said the Google Assistant Go app offers multiple functions but there are certain restrictions owing to the reduced app size.

Functions such as keyboard, reminders, controls for smart home devices, and games and services from other companies are not available in Google Assistant Go app at the moment. Google on its support page says that more feature will arrive in the app “over time”.

Nevertheless, there is still a lot that is supported by the Google Assistant Go app, for instance, you can navigate Maps, ask Assistant questions, control phone functions, set alarms, and play videos on YouTube (or YouTube Go).

The Android Oreo (Go Edition) was launched in India last year in December where Google showed off an ecosystem that will leverage the internals of an entry-level device to offer features similar to the ones on high-specced smartphones. Chipmakers Qualcomm and MediaTek have already announced that they will customise their processors to make them ready for Android Oreo (Go Edition). Micromax recently confirmed to launch the first Android Oreo (Go edition) smartphone in partnership with Google – Bharat Go. Meanwhile, Reliance Jio is also allegedly working on its Android Oreo (Go Edition) smartphone.


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