About SwiftInformer

SwiftInformer was started to examine how technology impact our daily life at present and how it will change the way we will live in the future. It is directed towards every generation and every aspect of tech and things happening around us.

Technology and science are forwarding very swiftly changing the way we communicate, the way we live and the way we plan our upcoming future, our vision is now broader than ever and we can achieve more out of our limited time.

We feel that technology had migrated from the far fringes of the culture to the absolute center as mobile technology created a new generation of digital consumers to which we can reach within seconds on the go.

Today, we live in a world in which we are surrounded by screens that has provided revolutions in media, transportation, and science.

The future is here, the unimaginable things are happening every day, we try to keep up with the developing and growing tech field and keep you informed about the present and upcoming future.


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